Monday, February 11, 2008

Nationwide Distributor Selects TCLogic for Improved Inventory Management and Optimization

TCLogic, a leading provider of inventory optimization solutions, announced today that a nationwide distributor has chosen to implement TCLogic’s ROI+ inventory optimization and management solution, setting the stage for reducing their inventory, while maintaining their current high service levels.

The distributor has an extensive nationwide network that distributes product through modern facilities across the country. They maintain a large inventory investment and are one of the largest distributors in the country for their sector.

When the distributor began searching for a software tool, they looked for a company that would help reduce their inventory while also helping them maintain their already critically high customer service levels. According to the distributor’s project manager, they were most impressed with TCLogic and their staffs’ ability to push through the clutter to get to the heart of their business and work within the current business processes.

As a software solution, ROI+ is designed to enhance and supplement existing ERP applications, providing a comprehensive set of tools that analyze and create strategies to improve the monitoring and reporting functions of current inventory software, helping businesses make more informed and successful decisions about their inventory and purchasing practices.

The cost of doing business continues to increase; having the right stock, at the right time, in the right place and quantity is key to the success of a company’s business and their customers business. “The right combination can free up available cash, reduce expenses and help businesses be more successful,” indicated Tom Uhrig, president, TCLogic. “ROI+ is an ideal solution for companies that have unique and varied distribution networks. Many companies we work with see reductions of inventory by 10-30%, and increase or maintain their service levels to 98.5%+; all with a return of investment in 6-12 months.”

With four distribution centers currently utilizing ROI+, the distributor has plans to broaden implementation to their remaining distribution centers in the Midwest, California, Mexico and Puerto Rico. One of the main concerns for the distributor in implementing an inventory optimization solution was if they didn’t get it right the first time, their staff wouldn’t use the new system. But those concerns were completely put to rest as they worked with TCLogic and their staff during the implementation.

The distributor’s primary goal in implementing ROI+ inventory optimization was increasing inventory turns, but they soon discovered a secondary benefit after implementation. They found that with ROI+, their sales teams and material managers became more in sync with their company inventory needs, providing their sales team with less administrative work and more time to focus on sales.

TCLogic’s customer-centric approach worked well with the distributor, helping to customize the solution to fit the distributors individual needs and requirements. In addition, TCLogic’s staff has been on hand to quickly respond to questions and or issues relating to the software, and how it works with the distributor’s current business practices and rules.

About TCLogic

TCLogic, headquartered in Indianapolis, is a leading provider of solutions for inventory optimization and planning. TCLogic enables distribution intensive clients to achieve an optimal balance between customer service commitments and inventory levels. Since 1997, TCLogic has helped manufacturers and distributors throughout the country solve their inventory dilemmas and achieve bottom line results. For more information, visit or call 800.945.4877.